Spring Marks a Great Time to Clear Away Clutter

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Clutter is a concern for many homeowners. Clutter can gradually
accumulate, and over time a home can turn from a welcoming respite to a
claustrophobic place overwhelmed by items of little or no value.

Homeowners who have battled clutter in the past often find that it is most
likely to accumulate over the winter, when frigid temperatures outside drive
more people indoors. Spending more time indoors means more trash
indoors. Newspapers and magazines might be easy to discard when the
weather is warm, but a trip outside to discard such items takes less
precedence when it must be made in below freezing temperatures.

The likelihood that even the cleanliest of homeowners might accumulate
some clutter over the winter only highlights the importance of clearing a
house of clutter in the fall. While clearing clutter can seem like an arduous
task, the following tips can make the project much easier.

Clean one room or area at a time
A disorganized approach to getting organized is likely to waste time and may
even prove fruitless. Work your way through your home or apartment one
room at a time rather than jumping from room to room. Have boxes or
crates designated for items you find that belong in other rooms, and place
items in the appropriate boxes as you clean rather than returning items to
the right room as you find them. Once you have finished a room, move on to
the next one and try to finish a room on the same day you started.

Invest in a paper shredder
Old bills, bank statements, receipts, and other once-important papers have a
way of accumulating on desks, in drawers and on counters. Such documents
often do not need to be held onto, but men and women are hesitant to
discard them because they contain personal information. A paper shredder is
a great investment for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike and can be
the safest way to discard documents with potentially sensitive information.
It’s also a friend to anyone attempting to clear clutter. Many shredders can
shred multiple pages at a time, making them a quick and safe way to discard
documents that have been littering a home long after they were useful.

Decide to donate some items
Many unused items lying around your house can likely be donated to a
worthy cause, which can help motivate you to clean out your closet of all
those extra sweaters and other items you no longer wear. Encourage fellow
members of the household to donate as well, and set aside a few boxes
for clothes that will be donated and those that will be discarded. Donated
items need not be clothes, as many goodwill organizations accept appliances
and other products as well.

Put seasonal items away
Storing seasonal items like patio furniture and swimsuits can help reduce the
likelihood that clutter will build up in the months ahead. Pack items from
your summer wardrobe together and store them in a suitcase in the back of
your closet. This frees up room for your spring and summer clothing and
helps you avoid overstuffed drawers.

Tackle the hall closet
Hall closets are convenient drop-off spots for items of all shapes, uses and
sizes, as the hall closet is not necessarily opened each day and therefore
men and women can simply ignore it as it gradually accumulates more and
more random items. But hall closets can be valuable storage spaces when
used appropriately. Designate a significant amount of time to tackle hallway
closets in your home so you can thoroughly reduce the clutter within them
and get back to using the closets as the valuable, organized storage units
they’re intended to be. Discuss having different purposes for each closet,
such as one devoted to cleaning items, another to coats, and so on. Resolve
to keep the floors in each closet clear of items, as clutter tends to be on the
floor and then work its way upward, eventually encompassing the entire

Once the hallway closets have been cleared, work hard to keep them
clean this Spring and Summer.