Paul Simon Women’s “Must Have” List for Fall 2013

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These sultry summer days will soon be giving way to the cool crispness of fall. While there are a few great summer bargains left, our new fall arrivals are quickly adding excitement to the store and just a “taste” of what is to come in the next few weeks!! Look for exotic batik prints, deep jewel tones with red as …

Fall Fashion Made Easy at Paul Simon Women

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It is often difficult to process what you see in the top fashion magazines and then apply it to what you might need for your own wardrobe. The fashion team at Paul Simon Women want to assist you with this task by sharing with you what we feel are the “must have” styles and colors for Fall 2013.

Pocket Squares Really Round Out Your Wardrobe

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Pocket Squares, The Saga Continues… In this past week’s Los Angeles Times, writer Adam Tschorn emphasizes how the pocket square has become a signature look for men throughout America – from Hollywood celebrities to pro athletes and the everyday well-dressed man. Don’t be afraid to wear a pocket square. It truly resembles the difference between the man who dresses “plain …