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Featuring English Utopia at Paul Simon Company

The Puck Crack Nylon Jacket is a vintage waxed nylon quilt with steam reactive finish.   About English Utopia The company was started in 2012 by fashion designer Gary Newbold. He spent several years designing collections for well known luxury to high end brands that have a strong heritage going back into the 1800’s. His […]

Jacket Required

Signs in better restaurants used to request that gentlemen wear jackets. These signs aren’t so common anymore, but I think wearing a jacket elevates your dining pleasure as well as your appearance. The sport coat should be your new best friend because it is one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. The sport […]

Pocket Squares Really Round Out Your Wardrobe

Pocket Squares, The Saga Continues… In this past week’s Los Angeles Times, writer Adam Tschorn emphasizes how the pocket square has become a signature look for men throughout America – from Hollywood celebrities to pro athletes and the everyday well-dressed man. Don’t be afraid to wear a pocket square. It truly resembles the difference between […]