Featuring English Utopia at Paul Simon Company

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The Puck Crack Nylon Jacket is a vintage waxed nylon quilt with steam reactive finish.

English Utopia


About English Utopia

The company was started in 2012 by fashion designer Gary Newbold. He spent several years designing collections for well known luxury to high end brands that have a strong heritage going back into the 1800’s. His work has taken him all over the world and has included collaborations with Mongolian Herdsman, Austrian Olympic skiers and aristocratic signature brands.

Prior to his 25 years of ‘learning the trade’, he was an international racing cyclist based in France and representing team GB on several occasions.

These experiences have all been drawn together to tell a story …..English Utopia

The stated aim of English Utopia is to reinterpret the traditional notion of what is meant by ‘Country Clothing’ and bring it to a wider audience. Whilst still appealing to people that ride, fish or shoot, the brand and its clothes are not defined by those activities. The English Countryside belongs to all of us and you don’t need a uniform to go there.

The company is based in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate and draws much inspiration in its designs from the surrounding countryside. Our clothes can be bought from a host of independent retailers throughout Europe and the USA. English Utopia – The belief of an accessible English ideal