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Do you feel this way too?

No matter what the Fall 2012 fashion trends, we women want easy, comfortable clothing. ..myself included.  And, of course, we want to have  fabulous “dressed to kill” outfits when we attend  special evening events, a wedding,  the museum board meeting  or a” power”  luncheon. We know that our clothing “speaks.”

But if the truth be told, I used to “dread” standing in front of my closet trying to decide what to wear, whether going out for a formal evening, work or a casual day.

Dutchess of Cambridge

I want to look good for ME. Not for anyone else. Sometimes for my husband but mostly for me.  And, if I am content with how I look, I’m ready to go out and face the world with confidence.

I am not the Duchess of Cambridge. Living in Charlotte, North Carolina, I dress for Charlotte. When I travel to New York, the beach or any other place, I dress for what my activities will be in each location. And I always “Google” the weather.

My life has always been busy, but my primary frustration has been What TO WEAR. Oh to be a Duchess and have everything delivered on a silver platter…I am convinced these factors have made my life easier and my days less stressful:

• Knowing that the clothes I own look good on my body type
I am high waisted so not all styles will suit my figure.

• Knowing that the colors of the clothes I own enhance my hair and skin color
It really does make a difference. One can look radiant in the right color.

• Knowing that the fit is perfect…not too tight, not too loose, not too long, not too short
A good tailor is essential.

• Knowing that it’s OK to show my figure and that I have a waist. I don’t like looking like a tent.
Looking back at those old photos makes me laugh.

• Knowing that I have outfits that are coordinated so that I don’t have to even think when I choose something from the closet. It’s all organized down to the shoes, handbag and jewelry.
The correct accessories can make or break the total look.

• Knowing that I don’t look pretentious or that I just spent a week putting together my outfit for the day.
Fashion is not my priority in life. It’s just one of the factors that add joy to living.

• Knowing that no matter the occasion, I have the appropriate clothing to take me anywhere.
One less thing to worry about.

• Knowing that my closet has been edited down to those items I will use
There are plenty of women in need who can wear our gently used clothing whether it’s Dress for Success, Crisis Assistance Ministry or many other worthy organizations.

Even though I’m in the clothing business, I believe it is important that customers and friends are not intimidated by how I dress. I just want them to accept that I have my own personal style and know that they can have theirs too. It’s essential to have someone you trust assisting with how you achieve your own personal style and an “effortless” wardrobe. You can find these services in a small, specialty store with professional staff like our store – Paul Simon Women.

That’s who we are and what sets us apart.

Now that’s as good as a “silver platter.”

I hope you feel this way too.