Lafayette 148 New York Pre-Fall 2022

Paul Simon Co Featured

Playful pops of color and elements of the unexpected energize the Pre-Fall 2022 collection. Steeped in confidence and exquisitely crafted, the new line-up of pared-back silhouettes is a celebration of modern design and timeless style.

“In the past we had gotten much more into a transitional buy now, wear now, but we wanted to go more with the luxury cadence and have a true pre-collection,” Lafayette 148’s Emily Smith explained during the brand’s pre-fall collection appointment. As the brand’s ready-to-wear and accessories continue to evolve with luxe, modernist appeal under the creative direction of Smith, so, too, do its look book imagery and collection positioning.

“It was important to think about that time period — products that can live and be a prequel to what will come for fall, live on the floor and be relevant for that time, but also be relevant for the time it’s in stores when it’s 90 degrees outside,” she added of the tight, layered up assortment.

The look: Cross-seasonal wardrobing with fresh pops of color and a juxtaposition on playful femininity and boyish tailoring with a 1990s undercurrent.

Quote of note: “It’s a little bit of layering and things that can be mixed and matched — fibers and materials tend to be more cotton-based or transitional weight so they’re appropriate for that time period, and also coloring is also transitional with pops that work for that time period,” Smith noted, adding, “Getting into styling, proportion and silhouette, I’m always a fan of the ’90s. These minimalist silhouettes and simple shapes, but done with a continuation of our workwear kind of detailing that we did for spring.”

Key pieces: 1990s-inspired polished yet playful daywear: a shrunken, boxy lavender blazer with copper dust-toned turtleneck and cropped red miniskirt (complete with new tassel loafers and chunky socks); knit dressing (a ballerina-inspired dress with scoop-back, open-neck or cool retro football jersey-inspired silk yarn jumper); long skirts and easy slipdress (with stellar lug-sole Chelsea boots and colorful integral ribbed cashmere pops); a signature button-up, with slightly oversized proportions in a fresh green hue. Also, men’s wear-inspired sharp, youthful tailoring, true outerwear (waterproof trenchcoats, a fall-forward cashmere cape with fringe and signature leather trim) and a few novel, artisanal and workwear-inspired pieces that brought forth the brand’s continual references from its Navy Yard headquarter

Takeaway: The tight collection encapsulated a youthful, fashionable spirit, while uplifting the brand’s consistently excellent materials across rtw and accessories.