Preparing for Fall Means Great Deals Now

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As the “SALE” signs come out, retailers begin making room on their sales floor for the seasonal transition that takes place this time each year. In July new merchandise will start to arrive and the floor will take on a new look as the cool colors of spring deepen into the fall shades of grey, cobalt and eggplant.

This period that we call “transition” is a great time for us to start taking an inventory of the items in our closets. What do we have that needs replacing for the coming season? What great jacket that we picked up last year needs a companion?? With a list of your needs the stylists at Paul Simon Women can be on the lookout for these items as the new transitional/ fall merchandise arrives.

Whether you are on vacation, at your summer home, or simply enjoying your kids for the summer, know that our buyers and wardrobe specialists are gearing up for a busy fall season that will soon be upon us.

We wish everyone Happy Summer, a great Fourth of July and look forward to transitioning each of you into the fall fashion season.