The timeless elegance of the Tod’s

Paul Simon Co Featured

When you think of Italy do you picture luxury? Craftsmanship? Attention to detail? Beautiful leather?

Tod’s shoes embody all of these qualities inherent to the Italian culture. Found in Marche, Italy the Tod’s factory is surrounded by rich agricultural heritage that has supported a strong leather industry. In the 70’s Diego Della Valle led the development of Tod’s from a small shoe factory founded by Filippo, Diego’s grandfather, to what it is today. The Tod’s offices and artisanal labs are housed in a modern white marble building full of contemporary artwork and surrounded by greenery and gardens; a perfect setting to create modern luxury goods.

Tod’s recipe for shoes includes minimal ingredients at the highest quality paired with experience, to create a final masterpiece. Their leather is stored in a huge warehouse where skin after skin waits to become a handcrafted pair of shoes. The leather is picked and inspected before being sent to the cutting department where a pattern is laid and cut by hand. The sections of leather are then hand-sewn together to create the upper of the shoe to which a sole is added and then the shoe is lasted.

“A man who works with his hands is the master of his own life.” –Digo Della Valle Spring Collection ‘19