What to wear to prom or a spring wedding

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Going to prom or a spring wedding? Either way, spring is the perfect time to put aside your heavy winter fabrics and dark colors. Check out some fresh new ideas for what to wear.

Fabrics For All Spring Weather

As much as spring is a nice change of pace from dreary winters, the weather can still be unpredictable if the event is held outside. If you think it may be cold, but there’s a chance the weather will warm up on and off, choose a wool suit in a midweight cloth. This is a versatile fabric that can work in many different climates and for all occasions. You can add a waistcoat or a heavy overcoat for added layers of warmth if needed.

On the other hand, if your prom or wedding is taking place inside pick a suit or tuxedo that’s breathable and designed to keep you cool. Choose a light weight wool tuxedo or a chambray or seersucker cotton suit, or a lightweight, breezy linen suit.

The Best Spring Colors

Not sure what colors are “spring-appropriate?” You can’t go wrong with an indigo blue suit or light gray suit. These two suit colors can be paired with all kinds of shirt colors and accessories for a beautiful spring look. Other popular colors are, blue, dark blue, midnight blue and charcoal grey. If you are opting for a tuxedo, they come in many colors, but are most commonly worn in black, white or ivory. However, other colors are very popular recently, such as brown, navy and grey.

Try these color combinations with either a suit or tuxedo:

  • A red or pink tie with a white dress shirt
  • A lavender or maroon tie with a white dress shirt
  • A navy tie with a light blue or pink dress shirt
  • A black tie with a white dress shirt

Pastels like robin’s egg blue, mint, canary yellow, and blush are popular spring colors. Bolder colors like salmon, forest green, tangerine, and sky blue will work as well. Once you have an idea of which colors you’d like for your outfit, feel free to try different patterns for your tie and shirt, like polka dots, checks, stripes, or florals.

Spring-Inspired Touches

Finally, use your accessories to complete your spring wedding look. A fresh carnation, rose, or any other lapel flower pinned to your suit jacket will ultimately brighten up your outfit. You can also choose a floral tie, bowtie, pocket square, or dress shirt to evoke spring. Just don’t wear everything floral patterned, which will look overwhelming.

As for shoes, watchbands, and belts, stick to brown leather instead of black in most cases. (One exception would be a light gray suit, white dress shirt, and black tie, which pairs well with black shoes.) Black can often look too heavy with linen and cotton suits, or look out of place with spring colors and patterns. A cognac brown oxford shoe is appropriate for most dress codes and looks good with different kinds of outfits. You might also try brogues, loafers, or clean and sleek sneakers if the dress code is more casual.

Don’t forget about practical accessories that can protect you from the elements! A classic pair of aviator sunglasses or black Wayfarers will protect your eyes from the sun, a must for spring proms or weddings that are outdoors. Bring along a nice umbrella, too, which can shield you from harsh sunlight and keep you dry from sudden spring showers.


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