Formal wear

When special events call for a tuxedo, many men are content to follow the crowd. For those with their own sense of style, Paul Simon has the selection and the expertise to deliver understated individuality.

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Whether you are purchasing or renting, Paul Simon will exceed your expectations for the most special occasions.

Clothing Partners:
  • Hickey Freeman
  • Brackish Bow Ties
  • Corneliani
  • David Donahue
  • Jack Victor
  • Carrot & Gibbs
Not sure whether to rent or buy?

One-time expense of $795 ($25 per wearing over 10 years) 6 rentals at $135 each over 2 years = $810

Better fit that is tailored to you Generic fit with adjustable pants
Better quality options Tuxedo has been previously worn and cleaned repeatedly altered for different renters
It is waiting for you in your closet whenever you need it – even last minute Need one week’s notice, must get measured, must pick up and drop off
If you know that you will be wearing black tie a good amount over the coming years it makes sense to purchase If you do not expect to wear a tux very often in the future it makes sense to rent

Paul Simon Formalwear