Margo Morrison

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Can you think of anything that pleases a woman more than a small package underneath the Christmas tree with her name on it? Small packages inevitably lead to shiny baubles for the ears, neck, finger, or wrist.

Margo Morrison, New York-based jewelry designer, knows this and consistently designs pieces that aim to please.  Described as “visual music”, playing off positive and negative space while combining complementary colors, textures and shapes, Morrison’s designs always work whether the woman on your list is at the office or at the office Christmas party.

Using nylon cord instead of silk thread to string together emeralds, freshwater pearls, quartz, moonstone, turquoise, and Swarovski crystal, Morrison understands that silk frays over time and can break easily, whereas nylon is an option that stays strong wear after wear.

We’ve seen her designs splashed across the pages of fashion magazines, donned by the likes of Blythe Danner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keri Russell, Blake Lively, Julia Roberts, and Eva Longoria.  And now, her durable, affordable, wearable jewels grace our cases this holiday season.  So if you’re shopping for your daughter, wife, mother, or grandmother, Margo Morrison’s jewels will surely fit your bill and budget, and make you the hero who delivered big smiles in a small package.