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Suits are sharp. There’s no denying that a tailored, button-up approach to Halloween is eye-catching.  This fall, Halloween costumes with suits are going to be a hit! Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Addams Family: Gomez Addams

Nobody can deny the charm and eloquence of this dark TV character who is always wearing his best suit. Pencil on a handlebar mustache, grab a cigar, gel that hair, and cover your loved ones with kisses all night long as sharply dressed Gomez Addams!

Barbershop Quartet

Planning a night out? Assemble a group of four and transform into a vest-wearing, bow-tied singing group complete with flat-top 1920s skimmer hats. Belt out some classic tunes as a barbershop quartet as you celebrate Halloween. Jackets optional!

Game Show Host

Pick your favorite show and mirror the host! Grab a hand-held microphone, slap on a name tag and be sure to have your best lines ready to impress your friends. Watch out, Drew Carey and Jimmy Fallon!

Mad Men: Don Draper

All you need is a sharp three-piece suit and an Old Fashioned in your hand to bring out your inner Don Draper. Have a few witty lines ready and a lady on your arm to be this idolized ad man.

Clark Kent to Superman

Love superheroes? Sport a Superman T-shirt under your suit with the dress shirt open and the tie askew. You’ve successfully become Clark Kent morphing into Superman. Keep a Daily Plant reporter’s notebook in hand!

Miles Davis

If you love the look of a pinstripe suit and have access to a trumpet, become famed jazz musician Miles Davis. Be ready to belt out a song or two for your admiring fans. Carry a trumpet case and some sheet music to round out the look.

Monopoly: Rich Uncle Pennybags

The iconic white-mustached money man from Monopoly is a quick Halloween costume to pull off. Wear a tall top hat, grab a walking cane and toss around (faux) dollar bills all night long.

Sherlock Holmes

Step into a snazzy tweed suit to become private investigator Sherlock Holmes. Puff on a pipe and be sure to wear his signature matching deerstalker hat and poncho-style overcoat as you examine the Halloween party goers with your oversize magnifying glass.

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