Marcia Simon: Remembering Your Friends and Family…Let’s make it personal

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Christmas and Hanukkah have come to Charlotte stores even before Halloween and Thanksgiving this year. Next year, I‘ll not be surprised if the decorations go up prior to Labor Day.….

You can’t begin too early thinking about friends and family. My father used to say, “the thought is as good as the deed.”

And it is!

The amount of thought you put into what you are doing for those important people in your life is ultimately reflected in what you purchase for them during the holidays. And each recipient WILL KNOW when they open the package.

You don’t have to “obsess” over what to buy. Just make an appointment to see a professional – someone who is knowledgeable and will assist you with size, color, and what your budget will allow… And, at Paul Simon we wrap it up at no additional charge. And we have a tailor shop with free alterations on sleeves and pant hems. We’re all about making it easy and convenient for you.

But your job is to come prepared and provide additional information on that special person. One year, a husband I will not name, came to our store to purchase a gift for his wife. He couldn’t remember her hair or eye color, her height or her size. We were tempted to ask if they were newly- weds.

Personally, I would rather not get a gift from someone that is not a thoughtful one. I have thrown lots of “stuff” in a closet at home for “re-gifting”. I know and I’ll bet YOU know when someone is just giving you something because they are expected to do so.

This time of the year IS when “the thought IS as good as the deed.”

For someone else to THINK about my needs IS just as important as the receiving.

That is why keeping personal information on friends and family can help you select the perfect item and will send the message to the recipient that you really do know and care about them.

AND, they will appreciate both your thoughtfulness as well as the gift.