Men’s Trends for Fall 2012

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Fall is here. It is time to get back to business and push for a strong final quarter of the year. As your social and business calendar fills up it is a good time to make sure that you have the proper attire to carry you through the season. With that in mind here are some trend tips to give you some direction before you schedule an appointment to work on your fall clothes.

The suit

Trimmer silhouette, softer shoulder, narrower lapel.

The Sport Coat

Soft shoulder, half lined, trimmer waist, interesting trimmings inside the jacket. You will find dressy sport coat appropriate for the board room and soft cotton jackets that are the perfect center piece for Saturday night.


Flat front still rules in dressy and casual trousers. Cleaned up designs to give slimmer appearance. Casual fabrics include washing, pigment dyes, and stretch with satin finish.


New widths! 3-3 ¼”. Please update! Your old tie width is going to look awkward.


1/4 zip is still number one and is popular in vests as well. Weekend knitwear includes fleece and garment dyed cottons. Merino Wool and Cashmere easily apply to weekend and work.


Men are now purchasing more sport coats to use as outerwear; there are many sporty pieces of outerwear that have been developed for this season. Many of them are great for travel. They are offered in light weight Napa leathers, cashmeres, and cashmere wool blends. Many with zipped in pieces for a layering affect.


Boots will continue to be a popular addition to most men’s weekend attire. Also loafers in rich leathers and suede decorated with contrast stitching and interesting metal bits.