Summertime Smiles

Paul Simon Co Featured

Summertime smiles are always in style at Paul Simon Women!  You all brighten up the place with your fun personalities and energy.  We love sending you off for work or weekends, parties, weddings, or whatever! The summer sale is full steam ahead with 75% off of what remains of our spring collections. The funny part is that many of you come in to see the sale but fall in love with new fall finds!  The 'ol bait and switch happens all too often!  Ha. You sure do look good though, which is all we have ever wanted.  We aim to flatter your figure and give you realistic, versatile clothes for all the days of your lives. What looks good on YOU is what is always in style… no matter what the trend of the day happens to be.

Lafayette 148 New York Fall Collection is first on the trunk show scene!  The official show with our NY reps is August 14-17, but the goods have arrived a week early.  This company is known for quality fabrics, sleek design, and wearability!  White and Warren, Marie Oliver, Lilla P, and Shoshanna have also sent WOW transitional pieces that will stop you in your tracks.

Debi Wheeler came in for some alterations yesterday and landed in this gorgeous light camo cashmere! Emily Ballard is all set for travel in this reversible Lafayette 148 zip and go. Cindy Markey scored this flirty, fun dress from the sale!

So, it is always a win win to breeze on in… we will set you up and keep you shining brightly!

Take care and hope to see you soon,

Your Friends at Paul Simon Women