Take a step inside Magnanni

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Magnanni is a company steeped in generations of tradition and craftsmanship.

Sebastian Blanco, the founder of Magnanni, began his career at the age of 12 working in Spanish shoe factories. In 1954, Sebastian Blanco started the company in Almansa, Spain with five employees and a factory on the first floor of a house. He then joined forces with Antonio Garcia Pastor in 1956 and Blanco & Garcia S.L. was created. In 1989, the longstanding tradition of passing a craft onto the younger generations brought Magnanni into present. Miguel was the first member of the third generation of the Blanco family to step into the company. He was quickly followed by Pascual, Sebastian, Luis, Julio, and Rocio.

A fine shoe starts with the highest grade materials. Magnanni’s experts travel to Italy, France, and Spain to source the best leathers for each collection. Their factories work with premium calfskin, suede, lizard, crocodile, and alligator leathers. Every piece of leather is inspected by hand before it is passed along to be cut and shaped by skilled shoemakers.

Magnanni is a pioneer in the shoemaking industry to hand paint dye onto natural leather to create a unique patina. Their newest color treatment, Manchester, is featured in their Spring collection.