Essential For Vacation Travel

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So, I returned from vacation to a Mexican resort a few months ago.  What a nice relaxing place it was.  I usually try not mix work with play, but during my trip, I could not help but realize that knits are by far the easiest and best travel shirts…not silk Hawaiian shirts.  Why?  For one they are easy to pack because they don’t wrinkle much and if they do it isn’t very noticeable.  They are also absorbent, and just plain comfortable especially in a tropical climate.

This trip I threw several of the Southern Tide knits in my suitcase.  We have been stocking this line on our shelves the last couple of seasons because these knits do the job better than most I have tried.  They are 94% cotton and 7% elastic.  The elastic gives the knit a bit of stretch that not only helps the shirt fit better, but also helps it to hold its shape after several washings.  To give that extra comfort je-ne-sais-qua, Southern Tide brushes the inside of the knit so it feels like your favorite old college t-shirt.  Southern Tide knits hit all the high points: a trim, youthful, flattering fit, comfort like tee, and a wide range of colors including all of the true college colors.  (True Blue, the exact UNC blue, is our best seller of course.)

Whether it’s spring break with the family or a weekend getaway with your other half, next time you are packing for your vacation make sure to throw a few Southern Tide knits in your bag.  You will assuredly be totally relaxed all the way down to the shirt on your back.

Tell us, what is your favorite knit or vacation staple?