Gator Belts – The Gift Every Man Wants

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To understand the importance of the alligator belt, consider for a moment why women love diamonds. Yes, they’re sparkly, but if you think that is the only reason women love diamonds, you’re sorely mistaken. Diamonds are timeless, every one is 100% unique, and they generally commemorate a special occasion—a graduation, a milestone birthday, or a wedding anniversary—so they have sentimental value as well.

In the same way, the beauty of alligator lies in its absolute uniqueness. And because no two skins are alike, the alligator belt plays a distinctive role in the men’s style story. True to the reptile from which it comes, alligator is fierce, slick, and makes a statement, not to mention durable. Like diamond earrings, the alligator belt is one that never goes out of style, so they also make great gifts on memorable occasions.

If your shopping budget just doesn’t allow an alligator belt, save up…or explore the imitation options. There are plenty of well-done imitation grain leather belts out there for half the price, but they just don’t have quite the luster nor do they last as long. (We sell both in our shop by the way.) Whichever route you decide to take, always try the belt on before you leave the store. Don’t assume it will fit just because it is labeled as the right size.

When scanning the belt rack, you will almost always find the alligator varieties priced at the top of the range. Depending on where and how they are manufactured, gator belts can run you 3 to 6 Benjamins, or maybe more. But to the sartorially savvy man with his own distinguished look, this is an integral accessory.

So if you are starting your Christmas shopping or writing to Santa, put a gator belt on your list. It may take a large bite out of the budget, but the recipient will proudly wear it for many years and think of you each time he slides it through his belt loops.