Pockets Are Filling Up Again

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Pocket squares are popping up all over Charlotte this spring.  I have seen everything from simple white cotton, white linen tipped with color to colorful silks. I have never had so many people come through the store asking how to fold their square correctly. I believe this reemergence has occurred mostly because men are wearing jackets with out ties more frequently. When not wearing a tie, a pocket square finishes off an outfit and gives a guy that je-ne-sais-quoi that he needs. Charlotte is way ahead on the pocket square curve. Way to go!

The pocket square has been around in one form or another for centuries and still today holds a firm position in the well-dressed gentleman’s repertoire.  However, that is no reason to feel rigid in how you choose to don the accessory.  Your pocket square is not required to match in either color or fabric to your necktie.  Even if you are wearing a formal suit or even a tuxedo, allow the pocket square to add a bit of playful whimsy to our ensemble.  On the other hand, nothing says clean and crisp like a fresh white shirt paired with a neat white pocket square.  Whichever way the style winds sway you, a pocket square will anchor your outfit firmly in the stylish category.

And when it comes to folding, do what feels comfortable.  Simply fold it in a square and let just a thin, straight edge peek out over your breast pocket.  Or, if you want to create a slightly more dramatic look, allow the fabric to blossom up a bit. If you get frustrated, just bring it to Paul Simon and we will arrange it for you.

As the saying goes, “The best things in life come in small packages.”  And the mighty mouchoir is no exception.  Small in size, but powerful in punch, the pocket square fits any personal style from traditional to contemporary, neutral to colorful, and everything in between.