Paul Simon Contributes To Jobless

Paul Simon CoPhilanthropy, Shoes

This past season Paul Simon Company and our customers donated 85 pairs of gently worn shoes to Jacob’s Ladder job center.  To promote the effort, we offered a discount to our customers on a new pair of shoes if they, in turn, brought in a pair to donate.  As we expected, we saw an outstanding response! Everyone was enthusiastic and eager to help such a great organization.  Shortly after our shoe promotion, Jacob’s Ladder hosted a job fair and placed 70 people in jobs.

A member of the N.C. Center for Nonprofits, Jacob’s Ladder helps unemployed and underemployed people not only find, but also keep living wage jobs.  The organization was founded in 1998 as a compassionate response to the Welfare-to-Work movement and to the chronic unemployment problem in Charlotte’s urban communities.  “At Jacob’s Ladder, we empower clients to step into success and we are thrilled about this partnership with Paul Simon,” explains Steffi Travis, executive director of Jacob’s Ladder.  “Shoes are among our most needed items in our ‘A Perfect Fit’ boutiques which provide clients with the right professional attire to make a good first impression and succeed in a job search.”

Being a locally-owned, family business we care a great deal about contributing back to Charlotte the same way it has contributed to our success over the years. “We are excited about supporting Jacob’s Ladder Job Center and doing something that brings the community together to help people get a step ahead out of poverty,” says Paul Simon. “Having a professional pair of shoes for an interview can change a job seeker’s life. We encouraged people to step up and be a part of the change by bringing in gently used shoes.”

Our customers really stepped up to help out. I would like to thank Allen Edmonds for contributing as well with special pricing on their shoes.